Trial of randomized umbilical and fetal flow in Europe



TRUFFLE, the trial of randomized umbilical and fetal flow in Europe, is a partnership of leading European perinatal centres undertaking studies in high risk perinatology and fetal growth restriction. Learn more


Our research

The original TRUFFLE 1 study has led to important findings in the delivery of growth-restricted fetuses, and TRUFFLE 2 is now underway as we conduct a feasibility study. Read more


Information for participants

A link to CASTOR and patient information leaflet/powerpoint mini presentation for the current prospective audit. See more

News and events

Upcoming courses and meetings

There are several upcoming events on O&G and imaging in the next few months. Find out more information in the respective links.

BSGI Annual Gynaecology and Imaging Meeting (5 April 2019)

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World Maternal Fetal Neonatal Medicine (4–6 April 2019)

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Expert Pregnancy Imaging (8–11 May 2019)

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Advances and controversies in fetal surveillance by CTG (18 May 2019)

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Leuven TRUFFLE meeting
3 March 2019

Some photos from the recent TRUFFLE study meeting in Leuven, Belgium. Thanks to Dr Jute Richter and Professor Roland DeVlieger for hosting, and to all who attended for an excellent meeting.

TRUFFLE Study meeting, Ospedale Sant'Anna, Torino
30 September 2018

The 2018 TRUFFLE study meeting took place in Turin, hosted by T. Todros and E. Bertino. Topics discussed include:

  • Results of the feasibility study & Discussion
  • Neonatal outcome in late preterm and early term neonates
  • Harmonizing Obstetric and neonatal management of late IUGR
  • Standardisation and Quality Control
  • The TRUFFLE 2 protocol and discussion
  • Starting the study: practical issues: funding, ethical review, database

Berlin meeting
2 December 2017

A selection of photos from the TRUFFLE study Berlin meeting in 2017.

Site visit to Berlin
7 September 2017

Check out photos of the venue in Berlin for the TRUFFLE meeting 2nd December at Dr Bine Arabin' Foundation, visited by Christoph Lees today.

£25k funding from UCLH
5 September 2017

Dr Raf Napolitano was awarded by University College London Hospital's NHS Foundation Trust a research grant of £25,000 for one year to fund 50% of a Clinical Research Fellowship salary for the implementation of the TRUFFLE 2 Study at University College London Hospital.

New website
August 2017

We have published this new website to give information on the TRUFFLE study, our goals, and news about the ongoing feasibility study!

The truffle team